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Embassy of Heaven EMPIRE is a latter day Ministry aiming to fulfil the prayer of Jesus which in part is a cry for the coming of God's Kingdom on Earth.

We believe that as Embassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven, it is important to reach out and share the love of God to the needy in practical ways. we are the loving arms that God wants to use wrapping the broken, the destitute, the hopeless and the rejected of this world. In proclaiming the unconditional love of our Savior, we also share His care...


Transforming people by God’s word and His power towards their divine purpose. 

Our Mission HOW TO 

  • Each one love one
  • Each one reach one
  • Each one teach one
  • Each one involve one
  • Each one lead one 


Our Organisational Values are:

  • COMMUNITY - A concern for the organization’s role and impact on the community.
  • EXCELLENCE - Excellence surpasses goodness or merit. Excellence enriches with beauty.
  • GROWTH - A desire to increase the size and scope of the organization.
  • INTEGRITY - A commitment to high moral standards.
  • LEADERSHIP - A belief in the importance of good leadership.
  • LEARNING - A commitment to advancing the knowledge and skills of the entire congregation of workers.
  • TEAMWORK - A commitment to getting things done through cooperative efforts.

Our Operational Values are: 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Taking responsibility.
  • COMMUNICATION - Open interchange of thoughts and opinions.
  • DIVERSITY - Understanding and managing differences.
  • FAITH - Expresses a firm conviction based on the reality of what is believed.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE - Making effective use of information.
  • LOVE - The healing, unifying, integrating, stimulating, renewing, reassuring and constructive life force at the core of all good things.
  • LOYALTY - Faithful adherence to the mission of the organization.


  • STRUCTURE - Having clearly defined process for getting things done.
  • WORSHIP - Worship is to serve, to show respect and reverence to Trinity.

Bishop Sam Koopman is the visionary of Embassy of Heaven EMPIRE, a ministry aided by Higher Dimension Life

Our Team

Bishop Raphael Sam Koopman picture

Bishop Raphael Sam Koopman

Archbishop elect

Bishop  Sam  Koopman,  a  pastor's  son  accepted Christ  as  Saviour  at  the  age  of  14  and  became  aware  of  GOD  calling  him  to  ministry  shortly  thereafter.

After  school  he  completed  a  4  year  Degree  in  Systematic  theology  with  more  studies  following.  He  planted  Higher  Dimension  Tabernacle  in  October  1994, ministry  which  grew  rapidly  in  the  western  cape..

From  2004  he  handed  the  church  to  pastors  and  began  a  traveling  Ministry  which  took  him  across  SA  and  Namibia.

He  authored  several  books,  available  on  Amazon. 

In  2019  he  accepted  a  call  from  the  Assemblies  of  God  to  pastor  a  small  church  in  northern  cape  town  in  SA.  local leaders  resisted  change  and  fought  the  man  of  God carnally.  Sam  Koopman  chose  the  way  of  peace,  resigned  and  started  Embassy  of  Heaven  Empire  linked  to  Higher  Dimension Life,  the  Bible  Institute  for  Embassy.

Embassy  of  Heaven  Embassy  currently  operates  in  the  Northern  Cape  Province  with  plans  to  fulfill  the  Great  Commission  of  Lord  in  making  disciples  of  every  Nation  and Tongue...

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